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Midlands 3D becomes 3D Hubs manufacturing partner

Since mid 2016 we’ve listed 3d printing services on hubs.com, the worlds largest network of manufacturing hubs spanning over 140 countries. Recently 3D Hubs launched a new service ‘fulfilled by 3D Hubs’ which offers a seamless transaction process for the customer by letting 3D Hubs choose the most appropriate hub for your order from a limited list.

“Only the very best hubs are invited to apply to become a manufacturing partner and even then must be able to deliver the highest quality and service expected. I’m pleased to say we’ve done it!”

From today, we are now fulfilling orders directly for 3DHubs in addition to direct orders with Midlands 3D Printing Ltd. It’s immensely rewarding to know our 5 start rating, fast turnaround and consistently highly rated print quality has been recognised by 3D Hubs and I can’t wait to see how this great opportunity will help drive continued growth for Midlands 3D.