Escort girls bursa services for men at any time; the complete list of the most outspoken and desired services from the beautiful escort models

We must say we are the most outspoken service – we can deliver you literally everything that is only available for human beings on Earth, expect of mutilations, for your pleasure. Have you seen something very outstanding in some movie? Or read about something extremely spicy? Our girls will do every your whim if it suits the frames of staying healthy after the performance. In addition to the standard things like the list of services exposed on out site, every other thing is allowed if you specifically agree on it with the selected girl. If you don’t know the reaction of a girl on your request, be sure to deal with it with our manager who is gleefully ready to talk to you about personal requests and to set a price on your whim if it is out of our already depraved pricelist.

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A girl for a photo or video shooting

A girl for a photo or video shooting – this service is provided by our model agency in the case if you are seeking for a model-appearing girl for your commercial, project, or erotic shooting. This can be advertising done in pictures or video. This can be an erotic movie with lots of indecent elements. This can be something like a non-professional movie that you need for some case, even as a college graduation job (where the girl will be an actress in your storyline). Anything that a pretty girl from our catalog can serve for – anything is possible to order her for. Choose from a wide variety of available women and make your call today.

Acting like she’s your girlfriend

Acting like she’s your girlfriend is a service, during the time of which a girl from our model sex agency is pretending she is your girlfriend. She will cook for you, clean the apartment, make refreshing or alcoholic drinks, and will even talk to you as if you were her boyfriend. This service is in high use by lonely men who need to show, for some reason, that they aren’t lonely. Before his colleagues, friends, relatives, parents, acquaintances or someone else. The good thing is that when you will prove everyone you have her, she will no longer exist in your life and you will not have to support actual relations, which are tiresome, boring, and take a lot of time.

Anal fisting for a girl

Anal fisting for a girl is possible any time, in any place, in any location in the city. Call a girl who delivers this service from our wide catalog and realize it in practice. Remember that due to the peculiarities of arranging the service, it has a long period of implementation. It is considered one of the longest sex services from start to finish. So if you plan to do it, be sure to book a girl for at least two hours (three would be even better).

The essence of the service is that you shove a hand with all your fingers inside of a girl’s anus hole. It must be preliminarily prepared for it, to make things clean and easy. So make sure that when you order a girl for that, you tell what service exactly you plan so she had time to make things prior.

Anal fisting for you

Anal fisting for you is the thing that is practiced when a man needs to let in his life much more colors. Doing it, he releases all the existing sexual powers and tension that existed in his life prior to that. It will take efforts from both partners, with several stages of shoving a hand there (if you do it rarely or at first time). If you will do everything right, you can experience a huge pleasure. If you will do it wrong, it is highly likely you will feel nothing but pain and discomfort. So entrust yourself in hands of a girl who knows how to do it and let it happen.

Blowjob with a condom

Blowjob with a condom will be liked by those men who adore having hanky-panky with ladies but really take care of own safety, taking all precautions about this. A condom allows to feel almost exactly the same due to its thinness and be completely sure that your sperm will not flow away from you, staying in a cap if you don’t trust strangers. We completely understand your fears and that’s why we feel that blowjob with a condom will be exactly the needed service for a man like you.

Blowjob without a condom

Blowjob without a condom is the most important and popular service from all oral interactions between men and women (after kissing). All other oral caresses, definitely, deserve to exist, but men of all world dream of having a nice blowjob given by a lovely mouth of a beautiful blond or brunette. It is not only preferable when you’re tired as it takes no powers from you to enjoy it but also pleasant in a bigger way for most men than classical sex due to a larger scope of felt sensations – and this is the fact for many. So if you want really great leisure with one of our charming fairies that deliver devilishly hot blowjob – that’s your chance.

Cum in a mouth

Cum in a mouth is much more than just releasing some of your semen inside of the oral cavity of a girl. It is a chance to become closer to her in a natural way, to see her emotions in this peak, to feel her hotness on your dick, which she will so erotically and exhilaratingly press with her lips and teeth, playing with her tongue inside of the closed mouth to collect the rest of the semen from your trunk. That is a wonderful feeling when a girl takes your semen and drinks it up, looking at you with sensual gratification with the eyes so full of the splendor of your might. That is truly something that must be experienced by any man at least once in his life.

Cum inside of her ass

Cum inside of her ass and let a zillion of small spermatozoa to run inside of her intestines. It’s one of the perfect ways of completing the act of love between you and your lover – instead of cumming in the pussy, it’s natural and feel-good to let your jizz inside of her brownish opening, which will squeeze you tight, delivering you quite more than you would receive in the moment of exhausting yourself in her vagina. And fucking her there in the first place is quite lovely, as it delivers more tightness for your cock during the process, and you feel a girl much closer than it could ever happen while fucking her pussy, no matter how velvety it was.

Cum on a girl’s body or face

Cum on a girl’s body or face is a gorgeous feeling, indeed. When you let the whitish semen touch her surface and stay there for a while, you feel like this girl belongs to you completely, you are her master, you can do anything you want, even include a wild beast and fuck her again, with the same great continuation – cumming on her face or body again. It does not matter if she is white or tanned – on the tan, your cum will look like a spot that dilutes her coffee, making it a cappuccino. On a white skin, it’ll look like a pale moon in the day skies. You can always get the buzz from doing it, feeling like you’re breaking some rules. The truth is that there are no rules…

Cunnilingus with protection

Cunnilingus with protection is an especial service that will not leave men indifferent. There are a lot of those who would like to lick a girl’s pussy and/or anus hole but they just can’t relax and implement everything they are striving for with a complete stranger. That is why we have elaborated an especial service, during which you will put a special transparent thin foil between your tongue and a girl’s vagina, to make a shield for you. This will make you relax to the fullest, penetrating your tongue wherever you desire in girl’s inner places. Make her cum from your hot wooing and you will like this service for sure.

Doggie style

Doggie style is the way for better knowing the girl, whom you will fuck. This pose is maybe the most popular after missionary. And yet, the missionary one, to have better penetration, must be transformed in the semblance of doggie style, when a woman raises her legs high, opening them in the sides, to have better access to her soft pussy. So when she is lying on her back, it is like a mirrored pose to the doggie way, in which she is standing on all fours, like a dog. For some, this pose may seem like a routine, but they are in the overwhelmed minority, as the majority thinks that seeing a girl’s pussy, inhaling its smell, having the greater penetration – these are truly flamboyant advantages of doggie style.

Erotic massage with happy ending

Erotic massage with happy ending is something unbelievably wanted by all men. This service is one of the most sought-for when a man is able to fully relax and let a girl do all the job. The splendor that is received during erotic massage with happy ending is hardly comparable with anything. Imagine as tender and oiled hands touch your body, caress it in a bigger degree than massaging it, roaming the surface. When suddenly they find the penis, which is already pulsing from the desire. The fleshy desire of throwing out the sperm, spewing it like something that a body no longer needs… And in this blissful moment, she can take it all in her mouth…

Fetish or BDSM

Fetish or BDSM is a great possibility to enjoy non-standard loving. In BDSM, there is no place for pink snots, it is filled only with hardness, stiffness, and tightness – for your body or for the body of a girl. Or both of ya. This includes lashing, spanking, even beating (as a rule, the ass is beaten with special flat bat), leather costumes, tying up, hanging on the ropes to which limbs are tied, using a glass or plastic pump to pump out the air (usually put on penis or tits) and so on. This service is for fetishists, who can’t stop dreaming about looooong sex, where games actually take 99% of the time while ejaculating itself is only 1%.

Give a golden shower

Give a golden shower is a very feel-good service that mostly recommended to be done in the shower, bath or, at least, in a toilet. The essence of this is peeing on skin or hair of the other partner of your sexual games to reach not only pleasure from the fact that you are doing it but also – in the case of men – to feel the mighty power of overcoming, being greater than the other person, feeling of domination. The last one gives a huge excitation – as domination is the first and foremost trait of power. And power acts on men as a super strong excitatory factor. Feel it now, pee on a girl and let your cock harden like a rock.

Give a strapon for her

Give a strapon for her is a service that helps you fill in two openings between the legs of a girl at one go. In one of it (pussy or ass), you can penetrate with your dick. In the other, you can put strapon, which will fill it. You can make it simultaneously to feel the dildo with your penis through the thin pair of divisive membranes that separate pussy passage from anus’ intestine. Or you can do it one by one if you just wanna fuck a girl but not with anything that is inherent to your body. In this case, an artificial cock is exactly what you would like to use. This toy can become one of your favorites.

Group sex

Group sex is an amazing thing to reinvigorate your sexual life and thinking. It is easily arranged in any of possible options: F+F+M, M+M+F, M+M+F+F, F+F+F+M, M+M+M+F, F+F+F+F+M, M+M+M+M+F and so on. Any number of partners you desire to have, of any gender – it is possible to arrange. Although, as we are the specialists in the provision of girls at your service, if you want bigger number of men to be present on this orgy, you will have to find them on your own. We can try to recommend you males for this but this is the least option you have to resort to. We’ll do everything concerning girls – that’s the guarantee.

Having a threesome

Having a threesome is a new form of expressing yourself, releasing your inner beast, as you are having sex with not one but two girls at once. Let your imagination soar when you are swimming with two hot naked bodies of girls, each of which can enjoy you sexually at the same time, in a different spot on your body. Or, as another option of a threesome – two males and one female. This is completely possible; she is capable of gratifying you and your friend at once. Or if you wanted to do it with your wife/lover/friend + some other girl – this option will be completely satisfying for you both, as a call girl will be in your life just in this day.

Just regular massage

Just regular massage is something excitingly non-boring, even if it will not include an option for having sex. But, certainly, it can, and it will – if you’ll ask a girl for that. But massage as it is – is a nice option to feel the hands of some person on your shoulders, back, and skin (and the rest of the body). It is a good way out to have fast rest after a long tiresome day when you need relaxation. The massage can be over without continuation if you like or it can transform into anything bigger – as big as you dream it to be. Anything other can happen after or before the massage – this will definitely make you happy.

Let the girl lick your ass

Let the girl lick your ass is a wonderful relaxation option when you let a girl to the other side of your pleasure. She can lick it and get inside there with her tongue, fingers, and – if you are an admirer of such – with sexual items like a dildo or something like this. Feel excitation from being licked in a place that you are unable to reach on your own to do it. That will be something extraordinarily new in your life. If you have tried it before – this is something that is not forgotten that easily so you will want to repeat the experience. Make it happen.

Lick a girl’s ass

Lick a girl’s ass is a very exciting piece of sexual interaction. You might want to experience something new that you haven’t tried before. To make such interaction more hygienic (if you are interested in it, of course), there are two options:

  1. Put a condom on your tongue
  2. Use a special thin and transparent foil that acts the same as a condom in protection and essence and delivers the same feelings as if you didn’t have this foil at all. It has been specifically designed for cunnilingus and anilingus.

When doing it, you can lick around the hole and penetrate there as deep as you will have the length of your tongue. What is good – this action can logically flow into others like penetrating the anus of a girl with your fingers and a dick.

Other options of group sex

Other options of group sex are all options that may come into your head:

  • how many participants do you want
  • how many of them will be men and women
  • whom you will invite from our agency and which number of your acquaintances will be there
  • what additions do you prefer (toys, catering, dresses and so on)
  • what premise do you need for that and other related issues.

We can help you with some of those issues. To arrange everything, you have to call us first and discuss everything in details. We’re sure we can figure out all of it to make your group sex evening truly unforgettable.

Playing characters/roles

Playing characters/roles is something emotionally new. When you change the way you are and shift your social role, from, let’s say, a stockbroker, to a shepherd of highlands of Denmark – you can be absolutely different, obtain another accent, the outlooks on life, moves, and even height, becoming shorter or taller a bit. When your partner becomes a different person as well, you can play a magnificent new game of sex, rediscovering yourself again (or meeting her if you see the girl for the first time in your life). This is something that will bring the new current into your life and sexual feelings.

Receive a golden shower

Receive a golden shower if you think that a view of a girl urinating on your body will excite you. She will take off her clothes, go to a bathroom with you, where it is better for you to lie down on the floor of a bath, tub, or a shower. After that, she will put her body atop of yours, exposing to your sight the pussy and everything else and will start releasing a warm stream of her liquid right on your body, on any part of it as you wish. It is a very enticing service if you adore all kinds of peculiarities in your life and wish them to happen with you more often. After that, you can take a shower together, making other forms of sex as you dare.

Receive a strapon from her

Receive a strapon from her is an option for double happiness. First, she will enter your black door with something long and (or) thick – at your choice. Then she is able to jerk you off with a hand or to give you a blowjob while leaving the thing motionless in your hole or moving it here and there to make a process really thrilling. Many men have never experienced anything like this in their lives but when they try it for real, this becomes one of the beloved options for sex. The reason is that penetration into the anus at some depth stimulates the prostate, which improves sexual feelings in a dick in 2 or maybe even 3 times.

Sex games or strip games

Sex games or strip games are for men (and women) who love to continue the process much more than just within one hour. It is suitable to book a girl from our sex model agency even overnight to make such games meaningful and lasting. If you prefer the preliminary time over the action time, if you are a soft lover – then sex games or strip games are exactly suitable for you. What is good about them – you can play them in the company. The number of participants is not limited. If you, for instance, will make the game’s rules that from all participants, only one is a winner and everybody else is a loser (who have to strip), losing clothes will become much more effective and fun.

Sex with a lesbian

Sex with a lesbian is possible in two basic ways:

  1. You order a lesbian or bisexual girl from our model agency and have sex with her when she comes.
  2. You order two girls from us and let them have sex with each other in front of your eyes.

Both options are welcomed by men and us, you may not restrain yourself with unneeded boundaries, lesbian is a very open girl, who can teach you something new in terms of sex and show you what women want the most and how they like a man to touch them. By spending your time with a lesbian, you can become better familiar with women’s world, to eventually become a better lover. This makes importance, as a better lover means so much in people’s lives.

Sex with you and your partner

Sex with you and your partner is an opportunity to experience a threesome with a girl from our agency. Bear in mind that your partner can be of any gender, so this rendezvous turns into a very horny thing that will breathe more life into sexual relations with your partner. If you currently feel stagnation in relations or in life in general, letting a fresh stream of sexual experience into your days will make a lot of positive changes. Your blood will run in your veins faster, your mind will be organized in a better way. So making a threesome instead of regular boring sex is what will positively affect you in either case.


Striptease will make your eyes sparkle brightly, as you will watch, as a lovely-looking woman is undressed for you. You can do anything during the process, not only sit and look. You can touch her fabulous body in any place, you can jerk off watching as she moves. You can drink and smoke a cigar – anything at your sole discretion is allowed. After a girl finishes dancing, you can make something else from the range of available services. Or she can dance for you again, under the same or different music, undressing again or not, dancing completely naked, showing you the most exciting angles and views of her erotic body. That’s all for you, pal.

Vaginal fisting for a girl

Vaginal fisting for a girl is attractive for men for several reasons:

  • they can enter a girl’s pussy with their fingers, and then the entire hand, letting inside 5 fingers at once, going in depth for as long as they can, for as deep as a way inside a girl will allow.
  • this is an active game, which may take not one and not even ten minutes until a pussy opens for letting inside the whole bulkiness of what you are intending. If at a start it will go not that smoothly, it’ll take time for a girl’s vagina to let you in and this game will become a long arousing process for you.

When you are there, completely and unambiguously, you will love its tightness.

Watch a girl has sex with another person

Watch a girl has sex with another person – thus, you can get your satisfaction even doing nothing at all. Of course, you can work with your own hands on your skin flute in order to deliver satisfaction for yourself but this is put at your sole discretion – what will you do during watching as their heated naked bodies make love. We would love to deliver you horny girls so you can see they are fucking each other’s nicest pussies. They will invite you in, to join them – and you can’t deny you want to make love with two girls simultaneously.